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Client Downloads
Client app
Client to play Old School MuOnline
76.6 MBDownload
Patch Downloads
Sound patch
If you want sound in the game, add these files in the Data\Sound folder
38.2 MBDownload
Tool Downloads
Mu Window Mode
Tool to play the game in window mode (courtesy of Soul)
0.1 MBDownload
How to install the client
Download the Client and extract the files anywhere in your PC. Then simply double click on Main.exe and you are ready to play!

You might need to unblock the Main.exe file or folders from your Antivirus.
If a message from Windows opens up saying that "Windows protected your pc", select "Run anyway".

Can I play on my MacBook?
MuOnline is not available for macOS, however, you can have a Windows running in your MacBook by following the steps in the next Apple Official Guidelines:

Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

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X_shadow_XSoul Master350
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BarmaleySoul Master350
GanecBlade Knight350
AeternaMagic Gladiator350


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Devil Square
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