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Silver Medal, Gold Medal & Heart of Love

As you might have realised, we have improved the drops of our Heart of Love, Gold Medal and Silver Medal.

The Heart of Love and Gold Medal will drop the items found in the Box of Kundun +4 (Legendary, Dragon, Unicorn, Divine, Black Dragon, Dark Soul) non-excellent. Heart of Love drops up to level +7, and Gold Medal up to level +6.

The Silver Medal will drop the items found in the Box of Kundun +3 (Sphinx, Iron, Guardian) non-excellent and up to level +5.

Find more details in our forum.


Stadium spots

Moreover, as we get more and more VIP users contributing to the server, we have improved our Stadium spots, adding more spots of the popular monsters. See here for more details.

Hope you enjoy these improvements and stay tuned for more exciting ones coming soon!

Old School MuOnline team

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