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Stomp! Stomp!

Can you hear that? Sounds like a huge monster approaching the Continent of Mu!
The great Zaikan has landed in Old School MuOnline and it’s stronger than ever!

This ferocious giant monster is so powerful that it can only be defeated by the strongest players.

Grab your top full gear and join in parties to destroy this beast in the inner depths of Tarkan.

Even stronger than the almighty Golden Tantallo, it will take some time to deplete this monster’s vast HP. However, once it has been defeated, its rewards will be substantially better than the golden monsters.

Get a chance to obtain a box of kundun, or even an excellent drop of the top items of up to level +7!

What are you waiting for? This monster respawns every 2 and a half hours. So equip your strongest weapon and come to get your reward!

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Experience500x (VIP 1000x)
Total Accounts411
Total Characters550
Total Guilds16

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X_shadow_XSoul Master350
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BarmaleySoul Master350
GanecBlade Knight350
AeternaMagic Gladiator350


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