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Hello all!

We have had a busy term on Old School MuOnline making improvements to our website for your benefit. Find below our new features you have been requesting!

Exchange stats points for credits
Have you reached full stats in your character? You can now exchange your extra stats for credits to spend in VIP, items and more!
Head to our new Get Credits section on the website and press the button "Exchange points" to land on the Exchange Stat Points for Credits page.
Choose the character you would like to exchange their stats for credits and they will be added to your account automatically.

New Webshop
We have improved our webshop with a broader selection of in-game items and automatically adding the items into the game (without having to clear your inventory!).
You can select the item level, options, luck and excellent options, giving you more flexibility to get exactly what you want.
There're discounts for full items and getting a set of helm (except MG sets) + armour + gloves + pants + boots.
Add a pair of rings, pendant and wings to your set and you will get a further discount!

Purchased items and prizes won
We have added a Purchased items & Prizes section on the website where you will find all the items you purchased from the webshop and also items won on events!
Whenever an admin proclaims you as a winner of an event, the prizes will appear in this section of the website (if items are not handed in in-game by a /trade).
From this section of the website you can easily transfer your purchased items and prizes in-game without having to clear your inventory!

100M for PK and Stats reset
We have reduced the amount required to remove your PK status and reset your stats down to 100M zen.

The mighty Zaikan
Have you fought the Zaikan on Tarkan2 already? We have added this ferocious giant monster which is so powerful that it can only be defeated by the strongest players.
It's stronger than the Golden Tantallo and has better rewards too, including top excellent items up to level +7! *

*Drop rates applies.


We are always listening to your recommendations and ideas to make our server a fun one!
We will continue adding more features in the future so stay tuned :)

Old School MuOnline team

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