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Hello everyone!

With our aim of making our server more popular and get more people joining to play alongside with you, we are asking for some help from you. 

Below are a few sites that allow leaving a rating for our server. We would appreciate if you could leave a review about your experience so far playing at Old School MuOnline.
Of course, we will reward you 1 full credit for each review you leave, regardless of how many stars you leave on your review. 

Simply follow these steps:

  1. head to the sites below and leave a review with your server username. 
  2. send us a copy of your review through our contact us form stating your server username. 
  3. We will add the credits to your account that you can use to get VIP access or towards in-game items from the webshop. 

Thank you in advance for your help! Having more people joining will benefit the community and make the game more fun for everyone :)

Have a wonderful day!

Old School MuOnline team

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Server Info

Experience500x (VIP 1000x)
Total Accounts411
Total Characters550
Total Guilds16

Top Level+

X_shadow_XSoul Master350
BeWithYouSoul Master350
BarmaleySoul Master350
GanecBlade Knight350
AeternaMagic Gladiator350


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Devil Square
Golden Invasion Refresh
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Happy Hour
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